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I Love My Car

We know how you feel about your car.

Car repair has become a complex industry. Over time, this particular field has shown steady progress in manufacturing and developing vehicles that most of us call a necessity,
however, the technology from the past is not the same for today's needs.
We want the comforts that provide automation, ease and affordability.
We also need to take great care of these vehicles that bring us safely back to our homes.

It is important that the people working on your vehicle are just as
dedicated to taking care as you would be.
This industry requires not only a good mechanic but one that is
highly trained and dedicated to their craft.
A great technician can be a good pre curser to earning a customer's trust and respect.

We believe that giving people honest advise and providing affordable vehicle maintenance alternatives, will give you more economical choices to keep your car running well.
This is our primary focus.

We are a BCAA Testing and Approved Auto Repair Facility,
as well as a Government Vehicle Inspection Facility,
and an Automotive Propane Inspection Facility.

We have been proudly servicing Nanaimo and the surrounding area,
for the past 31 years.


Experience car care for a changing planet and see what makes us different.

Experience Quality Service - Today - at Moto-Tech Automotive.


#10 Haliburton Street, Nanaimo B.C.


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