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Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmissions are a complex device and do an amazingly good
job of transmitting power from the engine to the wheels.

Heat is the number one cause of failures in transmissions. The transmission oil is critical for lubricating the transmission and reducing friction to a minimum. When the fluid breaks down and loses its viscosity, it no longer effectively lubricates the transmission, this causes friction, which causes heat. This result is premature excessive wear and results in transmission failure.
This can be reduced by preventive maintenance by changing fluids on a regular basis.

As a rule of thumb, every 20 degree increase in operating temperature above 175 degrees F. cuts the life of the fluid in half!

Most automatic transmission services do not drain the torque convertor, cooler lines, radiator and or transmission cooler. Often times the torque convertor holds more fluid than the main body of the transmission. That is why we recommend a transmission flush and filter change the first time. Then the following transmission flush we recommend an oil flush only (without the filter). Then the next time do both, the flush and the oil filter.

A transmission flush machine exchanges most or all of the fluid. This depends on how much fluid is exchanged or flushed. Sometimes the transmission oil is extremely dirty and this will require a larger quantity of oil to flush as much dirt out as possible. Other times flushing a regularly serviced transmission, may not require as much oil to restore the condition of the oil. Usually a cleaning agent is introduced to encourage the removal of sludge and any buildup that may have accumulated over time.

What is done during a transmission filter change and flush.

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