3D Wheel Alignment

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The Visualiner 3D Alignment System

Imaging Technology-The Future of Alignment is Here Today

John Bean Wheel Alignment Machine

Key Benefits

  • Alignment readings in  under 10 minutes
  • Extremely accurate
  • Full color print out
  • Increased gas mileage
  • Improved handling
  • More control
  • Reduced tire wear   (make those tires last longer $$$$)



“This 4 wheel Alignment system so sophisticated and revolutionary it would simply blow the doors off everything in its path. Everything it’s cracked up to be and more.”

Motor Magazine Tool of the Year Award

“It’s ability to simultaneously improve both technician productivity and quality of service, while minimizing down time, leads us to conclude this technology is paramount."

GM Service & Technology Group


View of readings of all four wheels


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